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Medical Check / Anti-Aging (for Him and Her)

In a conversation training course you will be asked about risk strains and pre-existing conditions. Body composition and muscle, water and fat content are analyzed. This is followed by a viability assessment and a weak point analysis with suggested solutions for a healthy life. That is:

  • Measure your biological age
  • Bio - Impedenz measurement
  • Detection of health risks
  • Vitamin and vitality deficiency
  • Advice and specialized medical evaluation

Price: EUR 340,00

Further optional applications:

Hormone Analysis
Price: EUR 150,00

Counseling and therapy for the treatment of cellulite, acne, rosacea (red veins) of aged skin with measurement of body composition and subsequent nutritional advice.

Price: EUR 125,00

Beauty from own blood
Rain plasma is derived from your own blood. They even rejuvenate your skin naturally. Without foreign substances - without chemicals! Thus, allergic reactions and intolerances are excluded to 100 %. A concentrated trietes plasma with specific growth factors and stem cells from your own blood in your skin stimulates self-healing and regeneration processes.

We call this method "PlättchenReiches Plasma" (platelet rich plasma), or short PRP. In addition, PRP can stimulate the formation of collagen. Your skin regains the youthful glow. Wrinkles are corrected. For an effective regeneration of the plasma injection was 2 - 3 times repeated (10 min each) in order to obtain a result for years.

Take advantage of this offer during your spa holiday with us.
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