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// Luxury Hot Tub

Spa in the luxury hot tub 
With a water-air mixture that gushes from over 250 jets. The underwater massage is as a therapist: from the feet of the legs up to the neck. And this is repeated several times. The built-in pan spotlights "color" the water with lots of harmonizing effects. Using the speakers are now completely relaxing with quiet dream music. During the bath time your skin get refreshed by oil ingredients.

The Pharaoh Bath
The "Thalgo bath products" are rich in minerals and trace elements. They supply the skin effectively. The metabolism is stimulated and toxins are washed out faster.

  • Thalgo Marine Algae and Salt Bath
  • Thalgo Relaxing Bath
  • Thalgo Silhouette

Price: EUR 36,00 per bath

The Cleopatra Milk Bath
Refreshing and relaxation. The fine, white powder with beguiling musk fragrances transforms on contact with the water into a creamy luxurious milk and leaves a golden smooth glow on your skin.

Price: EUR 36,00

The Biersudbad (Beer Bath)
An enzymatic bath with active ingredients of malt from barley. The bath has a calming effect, strengthens your connective tissue, moisturises and activates your cells. Included is also a small (beer) surprise from Alpirsbacher Pilsener

Price: EUR 36,00