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// Floating Bed

In the floating bed / or also called "soft pack" (after Haslauer) you`ll enjoy the feeling of floating in the water. The ingredients such as salts, creams and oils can be optimally incorporated into your skin in order to unfold their effect. Enjoy deep relaxation with the highest well-being.

Kaviarpackung (Caviar Wrap)
Provides the skin with minerals, trace elements and moisture. It stimulates, revitalizes, firms and strengthens the skin cells. Especially for dry and stressed skin. The salmon caviar has a high proportion of proteins that act smoothing and elastic your skin.

Price: EUR 41,00

Meersalzwickel (Sea Salt Wrap)
Anti-inflammatory and relieves the itching. Cell renewal of your skin is stimulated. Especially recommended for acne, eczema and allergies.

Price: EUR 29,00

Nachtkerzen-Ölpackung (Evening Primrose Oil Wrap)

The evening primrose as a medicinal plant promotes metabolism, hormonal balance and skin blood flow. Against premature skin aging. 

Price: EUR 41,00

Apfel-Körperpackung (Apple Body Wrap)
Contains anti-aging ingredients. It prevents skin aging and increases resistance. The fruit acid content creates a radiant complexion.

Price: EUR 41,00