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// Cosmetic Treatments: comfort zone



The brand [comfort zone] was founded in 1996 and brought to market.
These products are based on the phyto- and aromatherapy - enriched with dermatological active ingredients - made in Parma.

They promise naturalness, sustainability, excellent tolerability and effect.


Economy for Men BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 55 min)

Plant extracts, hyaluronic acid and evening primrose oil to transform dry skin into a taut surface. Rejuvenating treatment.

Price: EUR 69,00

First-Class for Men BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

White tea, vitamins and essential oils to bring your skin back into balance. By balancing and soothing effect, this treatment is recommended for delicate skin. Reduction in redness of rosacea.

Price: EUR 98,00

Active Pureness BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 55 min)

Clarifying plant treatment with a deep cleansing, matting and balancing active mask. It creates a fresh balance for irritated skin.

Price: EUR 69,00

Hydramemory BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Treatment for the regeneration of skin moisture, plant extracts and hyaluronic acid provide a pleasant feeling on the skin and fill the moisture reserves again.

Price: EUR 90,00


Sublime Skin Deluxe BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

A deep-acting regeneration. Smoothing hyaluronic acid and retinol treatment with intensive replenishing mode location and an anti- aging face massage. Technology for the best results for skin rejuvenation.

Price: EUR 129,00

Skin Regimen BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Luxurious lifting treatment with immediate effect by high dose, face expressions relaxing peptides, combined with a light, refreshing and effective firming mask.

Price: EUR 111,00

Recover touch 
BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

For stressed, tired, under-served skin. This vitamin cocktail, antioxidants of Tibetan goji berries and essential fatty acids in high concentrations, the complexion is radiant renewed and regenerated.

Price: EUR 90.00


Longevity BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 30 min)

Treatment for more firmness of the skin. Guarantees visible results within 30 min.

Price: EUR 45,00

Grotta Giusti - Mud Therapy 
BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

Ionized thermal mud with trace elements and minerals. Relaxes the muscles, purifies, detoxifies, activates the metabolism of the body and remineralize dry and blemished skin. The mineral mud acts with essential lemon oil and mint juice, we spoil you with fat-free, mint flavors.

Price: EUR 90,00

Tranquility - journey of the senses BY comfort zone
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Deep relaxation and luxury for the face and body. A sensual ritual with a unique, aromatic face and body massage awaits you. Leave everything behind. Exceptional massage techniques will bring total relaxation. The scent of vanilla and rose will accompany you.

Price: EUR 120,00

// Cosmetic Treatments: Thalgo



Thalgo is composed of the Greek word for sea (Greek: thalasso) and the French word for algae (French: algues) together.

For 50 years, Thalgo has specialized in researching active marine cosmetics. The nursing concepts of Thalgo marine algae extracts are based on completely authentic for man and the body, as the human blood serum in its mineral balance today is almost identical to that of seawater.

Through a natural osmotic process the minerals, trace elements and vitamins contained in algae can be easily absorbed by the skin and are extremely friendly and completely natural.




Large facial treatment BY Thalgo - Classic
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Mineralizing treatment with seaweed mask, cleaning, peeling, vapozon steam, eyebrow shaping and cleansing. Hand wrap and a nourishing massage.

Price: EUR 90,00

Small facial treatment BY Thalgo - Classic 
(Treatment time approx 55 min)

Deep cleaning and a relaxing massage with a face mask.

Price: EUR 69,00

Pureté Marine BY Thalgo - Acne Prone Skin
(Treatment time approx 55 min)

Basic treatment with deep cleansing. Purifying Thalgoderm pack with alginate.

Price: EUR 69,00

Source Marine- Moisture Treatment - BY Thalgo 
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Basic treatment for dry skin. With vitalizing alginate mask, cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing massage.

Price: EUR 98,00

Cold Marine BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Basic treatment for sensitive skin and rosacea. A detoxifying, soothing and cooling pack. Against stress and age-related wrinkles. With a nurturing massage.

Price: EUR 98,00

Men 's SPA
...all treatments are also available with special products for men!


Exception - luxury treatment - BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

The regeneration treatment for mature skin. A firming treatment for skin rejuvenation. By the serum l' Elixir particularly efficient skin tightening is achieved. The wrinkle depth is reduced, which improves cell regeneration and skin structure.

Price: EUR 129,00

Silicium Treatment BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Effectively fights skin slackening and leaves the skin such as "lifted" look. Smooths targeted expression lines and provides an even complexion.

Price: EUR 112,00

Hyaluronic Treatment BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Anti-aging treatment against visible wrinkles. By the maritime hyaluronic acid your skin is compressed and smoothed. Fine lines and wrinkles act like "plumped" from within.

Price: EUR 110,00

Collagen Treatment BY Thalgo 
(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Smooths first wrinkles and slows down the formation of wrinkles. Provides the skin with intensive moisture and regenerates them. For a fresh complexion with a new radiance and luminosity.

Price: EUR 108,00

Couleur Caramel BY Thalgo
Natural Make up

Natural beauty for highest demands! The French cult brand Couleur Caramel combines high technology, all-natural ingredients and the latest make up - trends. The ingredients used come from fair trade and organic. The packaging is made from recycled materials without compromising on design and function.

Day make up BY Thalgo
(20 minutes ) / / Price: EUR 25,00

Evening make-up BY Thalgo
(about 30 minutes ) / / Price: EUR 35,00


(Treatment time approx 110 min)

Face, neck and décolleté treatment, body brush massage, body wrap, including cleansing, exfoliation, vapozon steam, cleansing, eyebrow shaping, ampoule, soothing face massage and a body wrap.

Price: EUR 129,00

Adonis - Man`s Day BY Thalgo
with special products for men
(Treatment time approx 120 min)

Welcome to a relaxing beer bath with a small "Pils" (beer)surprise. Then a big beauty treatment for your face and afterwards a relaxing massage for head, face and neck.

Price: EUR 129,00

Treatment for women in pregnancy BY Thalgo

(Treatment time approx 85 min)

Pampering face treatment to your skin type, a relaxing massage for head and neck and a decongesting leg pack.

Price: EUR 90,00

The Little Pampering Treatment BY Thalgo

  • 1 x detoxifying seaweed mud wrap
  • 1 x apple body wrap in the floating bed
  • 1 x Seaweed salt bath in pharaohs bath
  • 1 x firming seaweed wrap

Price: EUR 230,00

The BIG Pampering Treatment BY Thalgo

  • 3 x detoxifying seaweed mud wraps
  • 2 x firming seaweed wraps

Price: EUR 398,00



// Cosmetic Treatments: Body


Let yourself go with a body treatment in our spa and wellness area - the LAUTERBADTHERME. Feel how the massage relaxes your muscles. Enjoy a face scrub, which promotes blood circulation and releases keratinization. And you breathe in the scent of the essential oils that provide a velvety skin.

Our charming SPA and WELLNESS team will advise you in detail.


Natural Algae
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

A moisturizing, regenerating and de-acidifying body wrap. The tissue is supplied with intense minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

Price: EUR 90,00

Prelude Marine
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

A body wrap (sea mud) at inclinations to allergies and inflammatory skin. The circulation is stimulated in this case, your muscles relax and inflammation are inhibited.

Price: EUR 90,00


Classic Manicure
(Treatment time approx. 30 minutes)
Price: EUR 45,00

Classic Pedicure
(Treatment time approx. 30 min)
Price: EUR 45,00

For your Eye`s 
(Within a treatment)

Eyebrow Shaping: EUR 15,00
Eyelash tinting: EUR 15,00
Eyebrow tinting: EUR 13,00

Face: EUR 15,00
Lower thigh: EUR 35,00
Legs: EUR 49,00


Frigi // Leg Treatment BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 55 min)

Wraps for heavy, tired legs with algae extracts, camphor and menthol. Ideal for spider veins and varicose veins.

Price: EUR 62,00

Performance body figure treatment BY Thalgo
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

A highly effective treatment against cellulite and a shapely figure.

Price: EUR 98,00

Thalasso Arome
(Treatment time approx 75 min)

A combination of the power of plants and flowers of the seas. Body brush exfoliation. Face mask suitable for your skin type.

Then select your oil for:

  • Relaxing your muscles
  • with drainage to de-acidify your lymph
  • with "Minceur" you stimulate your fat burning

Price: EUR 80,00



// Cosmetic Treatments: Rituals



You will be enchanted and enjoy coordinated rituals with the finest product lines. Treat yourself to this spell of relaxation and immerse yourself in your well-being.


(Treatment time approx 120 min)

Oceans to cross, traveled to foreign countries and inspired by the calm and relaxing power of the Orient. We create real rituals for your vital relaxation.

The first stop / / MEDITERRANEAN:
Sugar-salt scrub. Purifying relaxation. The body shines, like the Greek marble statues in new splendor.

Second stop / / EGYPT:
Precious Milk Bath. Refreshing relaxation. The fine, white powder with beguiling musk fragrances transforms on contact with the water into a creamy luxurious milk.

Third stopover / / INDIA:
Qi-Marine, developed by Thalgo concentrate, which protects and regenerates the cells. Vitalizing relaxation with a sensual massage oil from India, essences of sandalwood, cedar and patchouli.

Fourth stop / / CHINA:
Sublime Body Wrap. This silky mask surrounds the body with a constructive and nurturing envelope.

Price: EUR 145,00


(Treatment time approx 120 min)

Body and mind yearning for a paradise on earth. POLYNESIA.

First Ritual Level / / Taha'a
Delicious scrub with coconut shells, white sand from Bora Bora and vanilla from Tahiti

Second Ritual Level / / Manihi
Marine fresh water lagoon with essential oils

Third Ritual Level / / Bora Bora
A slow and powerful fashion location combined with warm sand temples, relaxes the deep muscles

Fourth ritual Level / / Raiatea
Your skin is enriched with the oil of holy Planze Tiaré Apetahi and scented with Monoi from Tahiti nurtured and pampered. A mother of pearl surrounds your skin and leaves it soft shimmer - like after a sunny day.

Price: EUR 145,00