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Fasting Week available Su - Fr

Seven-Days Fasting by Dr. Buchinger and Dr. Lützner. Your instructor is Ingeborg Heinzelmann - Schillinger (dfa). Purify your body and lose also a few kilos.

Personal advice, Nordic walking, hiking, relaxing experience in our spa world (1,800 square meters) with outdoor and indoor swimming pool.

Besides the classic fasting there is also the WHEY - drinking treatment. All day arrival except saturday. The package includes fasting drinks as well as the starting- and up day meal. Included is also the entrance to our LauterbadTherme.

One of the causes of chronic diseases is the over-acidification and thus the gradual poisoning of organ tissue.

Food Combining can supply an excess of bases. High blood pressure, gout, high cholesterol, migraine, rheumatic pain, bloating and indigestion can be greatly improved with the "Food Combining". A nice side effect is the reduction of caloric intake and associated weight loss.

It is important for our vital services that you drink plenty of water, sweat in the sauna and stay active throughout the day.

Nordic walking poles, mountain bikes and pedelecs (e-bikes) are provided for free.

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Fasting Week per person and stay

- double room in main season
Category per person
Cat. A EUR 882,00
Cat. B EUR 917,00
Cat. C EUR 959,00
Cat. D EUR 1036,00
Junior Suite EUR 1085,00
Suite EUR 1141,00
Holzhaus EUR 882,00

- double room in off-season
Category per person
Cat. A EUR 847,00
Cat. B EUR 882,00
Cat. C EUR 917,00
Cat. D EUR 994,00
Junior Suite EUR 1043,00
Suite EUR 1092,00
Holzhaus EUR 847,00